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We at NatureNerve strive to bring a smile to the farmer's face by respecting what the land can provide. From delivering sustainability to providing consultancy, what ever the need we make sure that the customer always comes first. Its not only a product that we market to our client, its a complete service. Our clients can always reach us and take advice from our on call experts. We strive to understand the need of our clients and bring to them custom made products and services, since at NatureNerve we understand that every patch of green is unique.

Our dedicated team works round the clock to ensure complete satisfaction and peace of mind. Selling our range of sustainable aquaculture supplements or agriculture fertilizers is simply the tip of the ice-berg. We go the extra mile to assist them to get the best quality of seeds, and if they ask we can also arrange for their harvests to get picked up, and for no extra cost.

The products and services are a result of long ongoing years of dedication and research in the coastal regions of the Sundarbans and the green agricultural belts of the Punjab. With community development and establishment through our services we connect with the heart of sustainability.  

We constantly strive to provide economic protection to the coastal population of India. Such coastal communities are at the fringes of society and hence intimately associated with native ecological services. Nearly 3/4th of the population of the Indian Sundarbans is dependent on fish farming, so with proper management we continue to provide a sustainable support system.

Continuous and exhaustive field trials guarantee our client base the satisfaction of meeting their targets. We feel the pulsating nerve of Mother Nature herself! At NatureNerve, we dance to the rhythm of the earth. From the laboratory and the fields we bring to you agricultural technology that is easy to grasp and a flair to flourish in.



The Team

Deepta Chakravartty, Founder & Chief Executive

A bio-technologist, graduated from the University of Glasgow in Medical Genetics. Deepta developed a keen interest in the relationship of the environment and nutrition with the genetic machinery. This inspired him to return to India and conduct extensive research in aquaculture nutrition in the Sundarbans to investigate the benefits in Indian agriculture. The work also involves  development through aquaculture as a fundamental source of livelihood for the coastal communities of our country who dwell in the fringes of society. His interests also revolve around Indian biodiversity and recognizing the need to protect and celebrate our ecosystem.



Prajjwal Ghosh, Research Manager

Prolific in applied industrial microbiology, plant biotechnology and formulation biochemistry - Prajjwal has been the essential root system of NatureNerve with his management of the factory and our robust R&D division at SoilCare, Punjab. A keen planted aquarium and biotope hobbyist, who has inspired us to also take up ornamental fish feed and aquarium management rather seriously!


Ashish Mondal, Field Scientist

Committed to the job, Ashish is currently a Research Fellow with the Central Institute of Brackishwater Aquaculture (CIBA), Kakdwip Research Wing, Sundarbans. He represents the local network of the Sundarbans research platform and shows relentless passion in managing the local farming communities to organize our intricate field trials in the coastal zones of the area.


  Sayan Bhattacharya, Chief Financial Officer (Honorary)

Electronics engineer from Rudgers University, graduated from ESADE, Barcelona a premiere B-School. Currently working for J.P. Morgan in Dallas, Texas, our CFO has a passion for coral marine tanks which got him instantly attracted to NatureNerve and our vision.

Since then there has been no turning back! Sayan provides NatureNerve the stability and integrity necessary for our global ventures.






Dr Deepak Pandit, Statistical Analyst (Honorary)

A distinguished, young scientist award winning nuclear physicist with VECC, Salt Lake, Kolkata; Deepak has been the mahogany behind the statistical evaluations of the vast data generated from our agriculture and aquaculture field trials providing critical and valuable inputs on performance.












Our Mentors

Dr Abhijit Mitra

Former Head, Dept. of Marine Science, University of Calcutta, Dr Mitra has been active in the sphere of Oceanography since 1985. In 1994 he joined Calcutta Port Trust and WWF (World Wide Fund), in various capacities to carry out research programmes on environmental science, biodiversity conservation, climate change and carbon sequestration. He has to his credit about 298 scientific publications in various National and International journals, and 27 books of postgraduate standards. Dr Mitra is currently the member of several committees like PACON International, IUCN, SIOS, Mangrove Society of India and has successfully completed several projects on biodiversity loss in fisheries sector, coastal pollution, alternative livelihood, climate change and carbon sequestration. Dr Mitra also visited as faculty member and invited speaker to several foreign Universities of Singapore, Kenya, Oman and the USA. In 2008 Dr Mitra was invited as visiting fellow at University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth to deliver a series of lectures on Climate Change. Presently he is the adviser to the Oceanography Division, Techno India University and his domain of expertise includes environmental science, mangrove ecology, sustainable aquaculture, alternative livelihood, climate change and carbon sequestration.

Dr. Subhra Bikash Bhattacharyya

After completion of the Masters Degree as a gold medalist in Marine Science from University of Calcutta, Dr Bhattacharyya started his research career in Marine biology with special emphasis to fisheries, aquaculture and ecology. Subsequently he obtained the doctoral degree in 2003 from Jadavpur University and standardized edible oyster farming technology in the Sundarbans. Presently he is working at Kakdwip Research Centre of CIBA and dealing with various aspects of marine fisheries and sustainable aquaculture development in the Sundarbans and has contributed a good number of scientific publications. He is also attached to Dept. of Oceanography, Techno India University, Kolkata, India.